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Custom Environments and Buy-Outs

Renders for sale on this site are from 3D environments designed by Klibanos℠ | Media Services. When exclusive prints are ordered, all future sales of that image cease, and the buyer has the exclusive license to the print purchased. However, licenses are also sold for entire environments.


Buy-Outs – $400

For $400, a customer can purchase the license for a complete model and setting – to be used exclusively with their organization. This price includes FIVE unique prints from the environment, focused for the clients needs, and a 10 second animation from the same set. The environment then will be stored, and not used again for public sale.


Custom Buy-Out – $700

Klibanos℠ | Media Services will design a custom COVID-19 setting designed to a particular brand, style, or need (eg. toon, color, lighting). For $700, the client will receive seven custom images from the set, with framing for your project needs, and one 10 second video clip from the same setting. More elements can be added to the purchase, or in the future.


For either of these options, contact Klibanos below…or create an account here.